Auto Insurances

1. Motor Insurance

Unlike Motor Third Party Liability Insurance, Motor Insurance protects your vehicle after any accident. With Motor Insurance, you can benefit from the additional services while securing yourself and your vehicle.

Additional Services and Coverages

Available Everywhere in Turkey
Primarily Protects You and Your Vehicle
Crash, Theft Coverage
Terror, Flood, Earthquake coverage
3. Liability to Persons Coverage
No Claim Bonus
Tow Truck, Rescue Vehicle
Road Assistance, Locksmith
Tire Change
Driver Service
Replacement Vehicle
Medical Transportation

Micro Repair Service

With Micro Repair Service, you can easily fix your vehicle's small problems.

• Micro Repairment does not affect your No Claim Bonus.
• You get fast service since there is no expertise needed.
• The limitation of Repairment is a total of 1000 TL.
• A 2 year repairment warranty is provided by Auto King.

Additionally, you can extend your coverage as you like with the additional covers.

2. Motor Third Party Liability Insurance

Motor Third Party Liability Insurance covers the damages that may occur on other vehicles and third persons due to an accident. Your insurance covers the damages caused by an accident up to your legal liability and compulsory insurance limitations.

3. Yacht Insurance

Get Yacht Insurance for a safe journey at sea and let us secure your yacht and its equipment against the possible risks.

4. Road Assistance Insurance

First of all, unfortunately, there is no assistance service policy alone.  It's part of a personal accident policy.  It is not a comprehensive policy like in England and it is not expensive. The most important service here is the vehicle towing service. You can buy it again when your rights in the policy expire.