Mandatory Health Insurance for Expats

Health Insurance is required for obtaining Residence Permit in Turkey.

All expats should have compulsory health insurance if they want to obtain residence permit in Turkey. The obligation includes not only newcomers but also 2.422.000 foreigners who already had residence permit.

The lowest assurance of private health insurance for expats, designated by Insurance General Directorate, includes inpatient and outpatient treatment. It is important for foreign nationals to get a tax number in lieu of Turkish ID number before applying for private health insurance.

From time to time, due to the risk acceptance criteria, the companies may not insure individuals above a certain age group or because of their illnesses which they found risky. In such cases the individual must get an official letter from the insurance company indicating that he/she has not been insured and apply to the General Directorate of Migration.

On the other hand, if the health insurance was cancelled after obtaining the residence permit, the companies inform Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Migration.

Health Insurance for Foreign Nationals at ERGO Sigorta and BUPA ACIBADEM

As soon as it was mandatory for foreigners to have health insurance in order to get residence permit ERGO Sigorta has presented health insurance product for foreigners. The annual cost of "Health Insurance for Foreign Nationals" that offers comprehensive coverage and privileged services, begins from 450TL.

With the "Health Insurance for Foreign Nationals" all inpatient treatment costs will be covered unlimited in contracted health institutions. For inpatient treatment costs at non-contracted health institutions there is a 20,000 TL/year limit and 20% copayment rate. For outpatient expenditures the limit is 2,000 TL/year and copayment rate is 40%.

"Health Insurance for Foreign Nationals" can be provided from all ERGO SİGORTA AND BUPA ACIBADEM Agencies